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Carcinization (2023)

"Carcinization" (2023) is my graduation short film. It is 2D animated, frame-by frame and tells the story of three friends that are going through changes in their lives. Liz wants to change the style of music she plays, Mari wants to drop out of college and P1 wants to become a crab.
I was director, screenwriter, art director, animator
, did backgrounds, character design, montage, storyboard, animatc, color grading and effects.

51º Festival de Cinema de Gramado - Best Sound Design in Mostra Gaúcha

13º Festival Internacional de Animação de Pernambuco ANIMAGE

10º Mostra de Animação CINUSP

Concepts and Pre-Production

Character Designs

Carcinization Character Design

some backgrounds (you can see more at backgrounds section)

First concepts

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